A PROSE subscription includes a user license for all parts of the PROSE instrument and an account in the PROSE Online Digital System (PODS). Phone or email support is free for subscribers. A subscription runs per year (starting in January, April, July or October). After 3 years of subscription, you can cancel annually (before the end of the subscription year). The rates decrease over the years. If the subscription is interrupted, you will start again at the entry rate.

The rates are based on the number of employees in the organisation, expressed in full-time equivalents (FTE), the number of years that PROSE has been used, and any quality label achieved. If there are employees with a special subsidy status (e.g. target group employees or people with a disability), or if you work with self-employed people instead of wage earners, then 50% of these FTEs can be deducted. With your PODS account you will receive a number of credits each year according to the size of your organization. You use these credits in the digital system when activating certain parts such as evaluations and polls.

At the start you take an Entry formula for 3 years. You can choose annual payment or prepayment. This makes a difference in cost of 10%. After the Entry period, you will be included in the Pro rate. After 5 years of continuous subscription, you will be eligible for the Fidelity rate. You then build up a loyalty discount in 5% increments. After 10 years you have a 10% discount and after 20 years a 20% discount. You can obtain an even cheaper rate if you are in possession of a SurePlus quality label (see www.sureplus.eu). You can then switch immediately after the Entry period to a rate based on the level of the label you have obtained (D to A+). In this way you can obtain a discount of up to 50%. Good practices of quality assurance are rewarded in this way. You earn back the investment.

In the Documents section you can consult a handy overview sheet with the different rates.