PROSE is an instrument for targeted quality assurance. The PROSE Online Digital System (PODS) has been developed in such a way that no separate manual is required. You simply follow the online instructions step by step. Subscribers can watch instructional videos, consult the user guide, consult tips and download supporting documents on the platform. Users find contact details of organizations that have had their good practice recognized with a quality label. You can also follow training with us.

Subscribers can request free advice on quality assurance by phone, online or by email. They can also call on advice & guidance or tailor-made education & training, at a reduced rate. For on-site services, the fee is 65 /hour (excl. VAT) for advice & guidance, and 145 /hour (excl. VAT) for education & training for groups. PROSE users can call on additional tailor-made support from experts from the agency AQARTO. We have over 25 years of experience working on projects and providing advice, both to small-scale organizations as well as to large organizations and networks.

Good practices can be certified with a SurePlus quality label. This focuses, among other things, on good starting conditions for quality assurance in the organization, the correct application of working methods, the effective realization of self-evaluation, the follow-up and realization of improvement projects, and consultation and communication with employees. You will earn back the costs associated with the label within 3 years because the label entitles you to a reduced PROSE subscription rate. Information about this quality label can be found on the specific SurePlus website .