In the past 20 years we have successfully realized several projects and developed several specific versions of PROSE: for higher, secondary and adult education, for mental health care, social welfare assistance, centers for rehabilitation and guidance of persons with disabilities, training centers for persons with disabilities, youth assistance (in cooperation with umbrella organisations), residential care for the elderly, vocational training, childcare, and companies for employability of persons with disabilities.

PROSE has been applied, among other things, in a national project for quality assurance by the Professional Associations of Physiotherapy, in a project to implement quality assurance at the pedagogical institutes in Surinam, in a project supporting universities in Ecuador in the deployment of their quality assurance system, in the development of a quality indicator system in primary care, in a project to evaluate interprofessional collaboration in elderly care, in a project on cross-curricular collaboration in secondary education, and in a research project for acute geriatric services in general hospitals. PROSE has been used by universities such as Ghent University, Catholic University of Louvain, and Artevelde University College.

The project for special youth assistance (2015) was ranked in the top 3 of the most successful social projects sponsored by Cera Foundation. The application of PROSE was recognized in 2013 as an example of best practice by the European Organization for Quality. We have provided services to knowledge centers and agencies such as PROCURA and VLAIO. At European level, we have collaborated with EURASHE, ENQA and EADTU. AQARTO PROSE also provides services to European Commission agencies.