PROSE belongs to the portfolio of the agency AQARTO. We aim to develop, disseminate and support sustainable integrative quality assurance in non-profit sectors and the social economy sector. PROSE is market leader in a number of sectors, including youth assistance and childcare. Our set of tools focuses on quality assurance based on team-oriented self-assessment. We provide training and take initiatives that encourage and support good practices.

We want to help realize quality assurance in a client-oriented and budget-friendly way. We currently do this in four sectors: Education & Training, Health & Social Care, Services and Social Economy, and Public Services & Agencies. PROSE is available in Dutch, English, French and Spanish versions. PROSE is also used in research, in social services and in developmental cooperation projects (in Africa and South-America).

Our rates are low because we provide services on an independent basis with experts according to the needs and requirements of the users. Revenues are invested in updating and further developing the tools. The PROSE Online Digital System (PODS) offers possibilities that no other tool has on one and the same platform.

PROSE exists for more than 20 years. View our portfolio of realizations and the testimonials of satisfied users. Rather than conducting broad campaigns, we focus on good support for users. PROSE is therefore successful through positive referencing by users. Contact us if you would like personalized information, a demonstration or temporary access to the online platform.