PROSE is a system for sustainable integrative quality assurance, aimed at quality diagnosis and measurement, prioritisation, management, and follow-up of surveys, improvement plans, procedures and indicators in a systematic framework. The instrument not only integrates the Excellence model of EFQM and the principles of the Balanced Scorecard, but also external evaluation frameworks and standards that are imposed on the target sectors. PROSE is based on team-oriented self-assessment.

The instrument has been developed in various versions, each in consultation with project groups of target sectors, and adapted to the 4 sectors in which it is used: Education & Training, Health & Social Care, Services & Social Economy, and Public Services & Agencies. This is one of the reasons for PROSE's success. As a subscriber, organizations can use all the tools available for the sector.

With the PROSE Online Digital System, a complete quality assurance system can be developed and managed in an online quality manual: organizing and reporting diagnoses, determining priorities, drawing up and following up improvement plans, creating and following up procedures, and drawing up and monitoring indicators through online collaboration. As an administrator, you can make reports and documents online accessible to groups of participants. Quality assurance with PROSE is not an abstract model, but a result-oriented methodology, based on active involvement.

The application of PROSE was recognized in 2013 as an example of good practice at the European conference of the European Organization for Quality. PROSE users give an average satisfaction score of 8.6 out of 10 for user-friendliness and 9.2 out of 10 for user support.